Gardening Now in Arizona

When it comes to gardening and planting, spring in the desert is your time to head outdoors and put in some work. Although it can feel like Arizona lacks seasons, spring time is indeed the best for getting your new plants in the ground to take hold before the hot weather rolls in. Make your choices accordingly and get your landscaping into shape:

Ideal Growing Season

Late February to the end of May comprises the best growing period in regards to rainfall, temperature, and other factors necessary to help your plants thrive. While this doesn’t mean you are restricted to this specific window, if working outside of these months, you may need to dedicate a little extra TLC for your plants to protect them from frost or, conversely, sun.

The second iteration of the Arizona growing season falls between September and May. But for now, these are the types of plants Creative Environments recommends to give your property a beautiful boost:


Daisies, poppies, petunias and sweet peas are great plants that love our mild spring. If you are late to the game, you may want to consider snapdragons or even sunflowers as these nice pops of color are great and a little more hardy with the heat. Other options include cosmos, dahlias and marigolds, all three favorites for a lovely spring garden.

Growing your own vegetables to cook is a rewarding experience for everyone, particularly for young kids. Setting up your spring garden in Arizona allows you to grow hearty vegetables like asparagus, carrots, radishes, corn, peppers, eggplant and squash. If you lack room. We highly recommend getting into herbs like basil, mint, rosemary and parsley.