The She Shed Revolution

Man caves, game rooms, workshops, tool sheds: these are all names for home-based private getaways that we have been providing for men and children for generations. But what about the ladies? We live in an age where the kitchen is no longer the domain of just one of the sexes so why not extend that equality to the tool shed? Thankfully, women all over the country are catching on to a new trend in household egalitarianism in the form of “she sheds.”

Simply put, she sheds are reclaimed spaces like tool sheds or backyard studios that women are taking control of to create private spaces where they can pursue hobbies or just get away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. Interested in joining the movement? Here are a few pointers for getting well on your way to taking back a piece of that backyard for yourself.

Find or Make the Space

The easiest scenario involves repurposing an already existing tool shed, garage, studio, or some kind of free-standing structure in your backyard. In the absence of something already standing in place, check out Craigslist for anyone looking to unload an old tool shed, or Home Depot for sales on small units that can be easily assembled anywhere in your backyard.

Customize the interior and exterior design to fit your personality and the purpose of the shed. For example, if the primary purpose of the she shed is to serve as your painting studio, consider fresh flowers, mirrors, and antique dishes as both decoration and possible still-life material.

Create a Theme

Defining a specific theme for your she shed will give it an identity and a personality that will keep you wanting to enjoy it as a private little backyard retreat. Get a little silly and whimsical and even make it a clubhouse.

Make it Social

A she shed is not only your retreat, but it is also a perfect place to invite other independently-minded women from your inner circle for anything from an intimate gathering to a little more raucous post-work happy hour. A mini fridge and a small bar with assorted refreshments can go a long way towards making your she shed look and feel more like the kind of place everyone wants to hang out.

What is amazing about this trend is that it is taking a commonly underutilized space, like an empty garage or tool shed, and turning it into a space that will not only be enjoyed, but will possibly even get more use than so many other places in and outside of the house.