Keep Your Life Bright

At Creative Environments, we believe that your outdoor space should be a stunning extension of your property. With award-winning pool, spa and landscaping services, our team is well-versed in uniting the interiority with the outward beauty of a home in the Arizona desert.

To maximize the use of your space, lighting is an essential component. We work with the best in the industry, employing cutting-edge technology and innovative products on the market that deliver ease, convenience, and meet the highest of standards when it comes to aesthetics.

Our trusted lighting partner is FLX, one of the most well-known industry-leading manufacturers dedicated to advancing LED landscape lighting technology. FLX grants unparalleled options and granular control to the property owner.

Here are a few of the reasons why we love cutting-edge LED lighting:

  1. Zoning
    With programmable capabilities, current lighting technology enables you to control the ambience of your outdoor setting with zoned options. Not using the grotto? Simple, leave the zone dark. Need your pathway lights illuminated for that backyard dinner, done.

  2. Dimming
    Make your lights match your mood with dimming capabilities. As the party starts to wind down, or the hours start to get late, dim the lights for more natural, evening vibes.

  3. Color
    There’s a spectrum of color possibilities with modern day lighting. Designed to cater to limitless possibilities, elegant color provides effects that will stun in any occasion.

If you want to figure out how to light up your life, let our team help!