Automate Your Pool

Having a pool in your own backyard can be a thing of beauty! Unfortunately, it can also be a hassle. Responsible pool ownership means sticking to regular maintenance and care routines. If this sounds like work you don’t want to be tasked with, recent technological advancements have drastically changed the pool care field. Automation is doing wonders for alleviating the time and resources spent in caring for your pool investment.

At Creative Environments, we are proud to carry Pentair products – one of the best pool equipment companies today. Pentair boasts a wide range of sophisticated pool equipment items including the following automated options:

  • Pool Controls
    Pentair’s pool control system family offers easy ways to manage your pool equipment for optimal energy or efficiency.

  • Solar Control
    Full digital controls offer precise capabilities for monitoring the temperature of your pool water and controlling heating possibilities.

  • Valve Controllers
    Easy to read valve actuators offer built-in, push-button interfaces that enable the simple setup of water flow.

Water Chemistry Automation
A key addition to any pool set up, Pentair’s automated IntelliChem Water Chemistry Controller can keep pH and chlorine levels balanced automatically. Check your water at a glance with ease.