Automate Your Pool and Boost its Efficiency

Automating your pool doesn’t mean you have to become tech-savvy. If you are interested in operating your pool at the touch of a literal button, then pool automation is for you. The ease and convenience of managing your backyard environment with a smartphone is just one of the many luxuries of the modern age.

At Creative Environment, we’ve partnered with Pentair to give pool owners full control of their pool’s entire ecosystem using a smart device. Here’s a few of the key automation products that deliver unparalleled convenience to pool ownership: 

Water Chemistry Automation
Pentair’s IntelliChem Water Chemistry Controller keeps pH and chlorine levels balanced by automatically checking your pool’s sanitizer and pH levels. It then adjusts the chemicals as necessary for a perfectly balanced, swimmable pool.

Valve Controllers
Maintain a simple setup for water flow with precise, easy-to-read valve position indicators and a built in push button interface.

Pool Control Systems
Either via remote access or by an easy touch solution, pool control systems allow you to program your equipment for optimal energy efficiency.  As an economical way to control filtration pumps, lighting, chemical management and more, control systems offer peace of mind and ease.

Solar Control System
For full control to achieve precise and efficient heating for your pool water, Pentair’s SolarTouch Solar Control System allows you to set a digital thermostat with the touch of a button.

Let our team help you step into the benefits of innovative pool care today. Give us a call!