Fire Features

It’s pretty much fire pit season which means it is time to snuggle up around a warm fire with an evening beverage under the night sky. At Creative Environments, our whole team loves to get behind the activities of fall.

If your backyard is lacking a cozy gathering place, let us step in and help. Staying comfortable outdoors is key to enjoying a lounging poolside gathering, a post-dinner snuggle, or huddling around a fireplace with your family. A beautiful firepit is just what you need to make the most of any outdoor space.

In recent years, fire pits and fireplaces have advanced architecturally. Instead of the camping vibe complete with smoke, today’s fire pits and fireplaces are elegant sights to behold.

At Creative Environments, we cater to a wide range of audiences and design and build fire pits that provide the perfect focal point for a backyard space. Gentle, ambient heat can provide natural warmth and foster an environment rich with intimacy.

If you are in need of inspiration, check out our gallery of patio environments here. The combination of features is endless and customizable to both your backyard space and needs.

Fire also can provide more than what we’ve already covered above. Two of our favorite combinations of backyard design items that involve fire include:

Fire & Water
In tandem with a poolside environment, we love water features united with fire. This complementary pairing boosts visual intrigue and levels up sophistication in any outdoor setting.

Fire & Food
A gourmet kitchen isn’t complete outdoors without a pizza oven. These diverse fire-driven cooking environments are fun and allow for versatile food options when entertaining. Not to mention, you don’t only have to cook pizza.

Let’s Get Started
Creative Environment’s team is ready to step in and offer a hand in creating the perfect fireplace or firepit design. Call (480) 777-9305 to get started.