Cool Off With Pool Games

Sometimes you feel like relaxing poolside, soaking in the sun and reading a good book. Other times, a good splash session is in order. That’s why we’ve rounded up several of our favorite pool games and activities to keep you and your families full of great entertainment ideas.

Team Sports
These activities are best for the occasions when you have a large gathering of guests to divide into teams:

  • Water Basketball
    A hybrid of regular basketball and water polo, this game does require a basket and pool-friendly ball. Split into teams, decide on the rules in regards to how to read your pool as a court and then go to town with a great water basketball game.
  • Water Volleyball
    Similar to basketball, this crowd pleaser is perfect for dividing your party into two groups (bonus points for involving height to correspond with pool depth) and set up on two sides of a net that bifurcates your pool. Then, host a pool-friendly version of this popular land sport
  • H-O-R-S-E
    Another basketball related game, this one is a bit milder but still quite enjoyable. Cool off this summer with a game of H-O-R-S-E. You can even go rounds with the winner taking on a new challenger to decide the ultimate champion.
  • Swim Freeze Tag
    Just as it sounds, play a game of swim freeze tag with one person designated the freezer. All other players but maneuver to avoid being tagged and to release anyone that gets frozen. The freezer changes when they successfully freeze all players!
  • Marco Polo
    A classic pool game from childhood into adulthood, Marco Polo designates one person as the King. This King must keep their eyes closed while trying to locate other players around the pool area. The catch, if the King yells “Marco,” a mandatory response of “Polo” is necessary – to give clues to whereabouts.