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Backyard design with multiple seating areas and deco-tile pool.

2022 Backyard Trends

For those that desire a truly spectacular backyard environment come 2022, the team at Creative Environments is on the hunt for the next best backyard trends. Atop of modern landscaping, we are seeing a multitude of smart technologies being incorporated into backyard garden designs, here’s a roundup of the top trends we are the most excited about.

  • Seamless Indoor/Outdoor
    This trend is something that our team has believed in for years now: a seamless indoor/outdoor space. From functional outdoor kitchens, showers, living and entertaining spaces, the options are endless. Next year, we anticipate more individuals to challenge the structures of their property and to really create a hybrid blend when it comes to the idea of home.
  • Dark Foliage
    While bright flowers can be a wonder to take in, we’re seeing a significant increase in landscape designers turning to dark foliage options to add a bit of mood and attitude to their designs. From deciduous Crape Myrtles to Smoke Bushes and Sweet Potato Vines, a few resilient and striking dark-flowering plants may be just the ticket to add that vibe of sophistication to your property.
  • Maximizing Porch Space
    For those operating in smaller spaces, we’re seeing fun ways of maximizing porch space by creating small gardens. We’re particularly keen on large pots that can handle multiple plants to lend a lush richness. In addition, by using varying heights and smaller shelves for herbs and other annuals, these porch oases are places for thought and reflection.
  • Climate Conscious Gardening
    More and more we’re seeing positive changes in landscaping trends to consider native species that are climate tolerant. For Arizona, this means drought conditions and excessive temperature. This thoughtful trend often includes stone paths and walls to create intentional spaces using smart materials.

If you’d like to begin your 2022 backyard build, please contact our team online here!

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