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Outdoor Kitchen

Custom backyard design with angled shade structure, recessed lighting and outdoor kitchen.

Perks of an outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen serves as a focal point for entertaining guests, allowing you to cook and socialize simultaneously. It creates a vibrant atmosphere during gatherings and encourages outdoor dining experiences.

By having an outdoor kitchen, you essentially extend your living space into the outdoors. It provides a refreshing change of environment for cooking, dining, and relaxing, especially during pleasant weather conditions.

Outdoor kitchens often include a variety of cooking appliances such as grills, smokers, pizza ovens, and side burners. This allows for versatile cooking techniques and expands your culinary possibilities.

An outdoor kitchen is a desirable feature that can enhance the overall value of your home. It adds to the appeal of outdoor living spaces and attracts potential buyers who appreciate outdoor entertaining and cooking amenities.

Our Outdoor Kitchens

Backyard design with circular living wall, multiple seating areas and artificial turf.

The Mayne

Cantilevered metal shade structure with fire table and step lighting

The Hoffman

Backyard design with cacti and pool.

The Sunburst

Backyard design with shaded water wall into pool

The Estate

Custom backyard design with stone wall, circular fire pit and multiple seating areas.

The Abode

Custom backyard design with custom metal cutout and fire table.

The Galena

Custom backyard design with custom metal shade structure, metal trellis and black pool.

The Raven

Custom backyard design with multiple seating areas, metal planters and string lights.

The Wayland

Custom backyard design with multiple seating areas, outdoor kitchen and cantilevered shade structure with multiple outdoor TVs.

The Mahogany

Custom entryway courtyard with fire table, metal trellis and multiple seating areas.

The Garden

Custom backyard design with zero edge pool with blue pool lighting and multiple seating areas.

The Davidson

Custom backyard design with metal statement piece, patterned artificial turf and large planters.

The St. Helena

Custom backyard design with metal fencing, fire table and outdoor seating area.

The Caullins

Custom backyard design blue raised spa, blue pool and water columns.

The Azul

Custom backyard design with circular raised spa, circular pool and privacy hedges.

The Ariane

Customized backyard design with patterned metal shade structure, multiple seating areas and cantilevered wok fire pit.

The Triana

Custom backyard design with metal shade structure, outdoor dining area and artificial turf.

The Fiora


The Slate

The Sullivan (3)

The Sullivan

Backyard design with multiple seating areas, water fountain and fire pit.

The Manor

Backyard design with metal planters and annual flowers.

The Grand

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