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Custom backyard design with large potted plants, metal gate and fire pit.

Backyard Care for Storm Season

We love a great desert rain storm and Arizona’s monsoon season always brings plenty of late afternoon thunderstorms. For your outdoor living environment however, the big storms can do some damage if you don’t pay attention to your property.

At Creative Environments, our team brings innovative swimming pools, kitchens, fire and water features, patio covers, gardens and more to outdoor spaces across the valley. We take great pride in producing beautiful environments. With years of experience, we know a few things about the storms here.

Our experts recommend taking care of your backyard during prime storm season. Here are a few tips:

We love a project that includes storage or shed space as discreet locations to house unsightly pool and lawn equipment, pool chemicals, toys or games, as well as other outdoor items. It’s a best practice to get in the habit of putting things away to avoid damage and to keep an unblemished space.

Trim Your Trees
It’s a good idea to have your property’s trees inspected and cared for by a professional team at least once a year. With the mega storms we have in the region, ensuring tree health can avoid property damage from falling branches or sick trees.

Cover and Care for Furniture
We recommend investing in covers for your outdoor furniture. Not only can it prevent damage during storms, it’s a great way to lengthen the life of your investments by protecting furniture from the harsh desert elements.

Quick to Clean
After any type of big storm event, it’s a good idea to head outside and check for damage. Cleaning up quickly can prevent further issues, particularly regarding your swimming pool. A good scrub and brush, running your pool filtration system and re-balancing your water chemistry is imperative if you want to get back to enjoying your pool.

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