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Custom backyard design with outdoor kitchen, outdoor seating areas and large planters.

Creating Backyard Paradises for Growing Families

Whether you are planning to start a family in the future or you’re already watching your kids grow up, customizing your outdoor living space to accommodate your growing family is a great way to ensure that your loved ones of all ages have a safe and fun place to spend time together.

At Creative Environments, we regularly design outdoor living spaces for families of varying sizes and age ranges. Here are a few features that we recommend in order to create a backyard paradise that the whole family will enjoy for years to come:

  • Kiddie pools. Kiddie pools provide a safer, more comfortable space for babies and young children to cool down on a hot day and become accustomed to being in the water. Opting for an in-ground kiddie pool, as opposed to the inflatable variety, allows you to match the style of your main pool, thereby creating a seamless aesthetic in your backyard.
  • Covered patios and play areas. The Arizona sunshine can be intense at any time of year, so covered patios serve as a popular way to maximize enjoyment of your outdoor living space by providing shelter from the sun. Covered patios may be enhanced with features like ceiling fans, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens and dining areas, making them a true extension of the home. For kids, covering outdoor play areas with a roof, awning, or sun shade will help create a more comfortable space where they can play year-round.
  • Splash pads. A favorite feature for kids at many resorts, shopping centers, and recreation areas, splash pads—which consist of a non-slip surface through which nozzles shoot streams of water—can be duplicated in your own backyard. In addition to providing a safe and engaging space where kids (and adults!) can cool off, splash pads can create a unique focal point that adds a fun flair to your backyard.
  • Sports and game courts. Whether you’re flexing your competitive streak or just having fun, few things bring the whole family together like playing games. The excitement is amplified when you play outside in your own sports court or game area, with options ranging from simple cornhole set-ups to bocce ball courts to sophisticated tennis or basketball courts.

As your family’s needs evolve, Creative Environments is here to help you design a backyard oasis customized for your interests. We can build kiddie pools, covered patios and play areas, splash pads, sports courts and much more, ensuring that each element is tailored to suit the style of your property. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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