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Backyard design with string lights and multiple seating areas

Family Pool Safety Reminders

To ensure that your family and friends have a great summer with plenty of enjoyable time spent together outside and poolside, it’s important to refresh everyone on the importance of pool safety.

Maintaining an aware and safe swimming environment requires effort, attention and care. As one of the leading causes of death in children, pool injuries and fatalities are a serious concern. As we head into prime swimming months, now is a great time for a refresher lesson on how to understand the nature of pool safety and key concerns to keep in mind.

Pool Barriers  
Creating a pool perimeter in the form of a fence, wall, cover and latched gate is critical in preventing accidents. In many locations, like that of Arizona, laws mandate pool barrier requirements to deter unwanted or unsupervised swimmers.

In general, perimeter pool fencing should be approximately four to six feet high with no spaces, gaps, or holes wide enough for young children to squirm through. This often means no openings greater than 1 and ¾ inch. Structures, including that of benches or large decorative stones should be kept away from fence lines to prevent fence-hoppers.

Last, a pool should have a secured, self-closing gate that latches. Additional mechanisms that can help secure a backyard environment includes child proof door knobs and lever locks.

Safety Rules
Whenever swimming, one person should be tasked as a supervisor. A watchful eye is key in allowing everyone to have a good time but to also take care. Swimming lessons are a great way to encourage confidence and comfort in the water and also can impart important skills regarding water safety.

Learn CPR
Another good idea for homeowners and parents alike is to learn CPR to be as prepared as possible. A quick internet search will yield plenty of local class options or online versions as a baseline or a yearly refresher before prime swimming season arrives.

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