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Backyard design with baja step, white shade structure, and multiple seating areas.

Feeling Summer Swimming Pool FOMO?

If you’ve been lamenting your latest summer memories for swimming, now is the perfect time to plan ahead for your own private oasis come springtime. Fall and winter present the ideal conditions to commence any pool build. If you find yourself having summer FOMO now, our team is happy to discuss a custom swimming pool design for building come Spring 2021.

There are numerous reasons why fall is the best time to start a project like this. In the Valley of the Sun, the top considerations for a timely pool build include:

  • Great Weather
    As the temperatures dip, the weather is perfect for the digging process required in any pool build. Not to mention, the weather is more predictable to ensure that no long-term interruption interferes with our project.
  • Landscape 
    Another great reason why fall and winter are the perfect months to get your pool in the ground is that it gives enough of a runway to complete the project and then turn an attention toward the surrounding landscape. Spring is the best season for planting to really allow your property to shine come summer when you can expect heavy pool use.
  • Tax Reasons
    Often investing in adding a pool to your property can be categorized as a home improvement expense and is thus claimable on taxes. There’s still calendar time to make this come to fruition in 2020.

Design Process
At Creative Environments, we follow a six step plan to designing and perfecting your outdoor oasis. From hosting a meeting between our professional design team and you as the homeowner to articulate and really nail down your backyard vision. We take the entire process to heart and promise to deliver a project that will be enjoyed for years to come. In doing so, this requires time and effort, both of which we’re ready to invest in your backyard space now that come next summer, your relaxation game is at its finest.

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