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Custom backyard design with hanging plants, fire table and outdoor seating area.

Fire Pit Styles Your Backyard Needs

Firepits are a popular addition to an outdoor space and offer a lot of benefits, from a great place for late night conversation or an easy way to up the wow factor. At Creative Environments, many of our design models feature unique and exciting fire elements that make for dramatic focal points that really spice up the aesthetic of your backyard. Here are four different models we offer with varying firepit styles to give you some ideas on how to light up your outdoor designs.


Our Caleda model features a long, rectangular fire table offset by chairs on either side. This firepit is straddled by two cascading waterfall features to create a soothing natural soundscape while also presenting a wonderful contrast between water and light. With clean, minimalist lines this fire feature is perfect for an intimate, after-dinner gathering spot.

Sterling Grove

There are a few different firepits featured in our Sterling Grove model that provide for enticing ideas. A fireplace inlaid behind a cascading water feature makes for an attention-grabbing centerpiece that you and your guests can enjoy from the overlooking outdoor dining area. Pocket glass doors in these models allows the inside to easily flow to the outside, which can be highlighted by an interior or exterior fireplace.

Sereno Canyon Mayne

For the more adventurously minded homeowner, our Sereno Canyon Mayne model showcases firepit designs you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. An outdoor lounge area is bordered by a large stone slab inlaid with a circular fire feature and natural greenery elements. This feature is an elegant and eye-catching focal point you will love showing off to friends and family.

Fire Rock

Firepits that feature glass rocks allow homeowners a unique and customizable aesthetic. Our model at Fire Rock hosts a square fire table centered with beautiful glass rocks that elegantly reflect light while also standing up well to heat. Fire glass provides a breadth of color and shine that makes them a dazzling addition to an outdoor space.

A beautifully designed firepit can do a lot more than just keep you and your guests warm on cool winter nights – it can ground and harmonize a space and provide the perfect backdrop for watching the stars or late-night conversations.

Our design process ensures we can bring the ideas for your space to life. For tips on designing a pool and backyard oasis everyone can enjoy, please contact us today.

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