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Front yard design with entryway fireplace and pavers.

Front Yard Gathering Spots

Backyards can provide excellent private spaces but did you know that front yard gatherings are a great way to connect with your neighborhood community and build lasting memories.

At Creative Environment, we are a team of the top exterior designers in Arizona dedicated to making your outside space into a paradise. This past year, we’ve noticed that more individuals are interested in transforming their front yard into a gathering spot.

Loving that Porch Life
With a rich history of sharing a space with those around you, we’re happy to see this trend return. Afterall, your front yard is for more than just for curb appeal. It’s a completely functional portion of your property and why not put that square footage to use? It’s high time we all revisit the front yard as a space conducive to community, sharing and socializing.

Adding Features
To make the most of your front yard property, we are here to help customers design their space with functionality in mind. Features that do well in the front yard include:

  • Dining Space – Creating an intentional space to sit together in your front yard for meals or a nice glass of wine is a lovely way to invite conversation and sharing. Not only is open air dining a great way to unwind from the day and steer clear of devices, it is a way to invite casual catch-ups with those that live nearby as the neighborhood winds down each day.
  • Fire Features – A good fire can really bring groups of people together to connect over warmth. Plus, it’s a great focal point for socializing and a way to provide comfort for that extra time spent outside in the elements.
  • Water Elements – Adding items like a small brook or water fountain can lend ambient noises to your front yard space. This can help drown out traffic noises and create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.
  • Gardens – Front yard vegetable or flower gardens are functional and a site to enjoy visually. If your front yard receives more sunlight, it might be a better place to garden.

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