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The Turquesa Estate

The Turquesa Estate

Turquesa Estate

The Turquesa Estate is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This award-winning property is known for its unique pool and spa, with patterning in the artificial grass, pool, spa and water feature.

Design Highlights:

Private | Custom Pool | Large Pool | Negative Edge Pool | Unique Pool | Deco Tile | Artificial Grass Pattern | Pebbles | Custom Spa | Black Water Feature | Circular Water Feature | Deco-Tiled Water Feature | Patterned Water Feature | Unique Water Feature | Water Fountain | Custom Fire Pit | Unique Fire Pit | Cabana | Courtyard | Outdoor Bar | Outdoor BBQ | Outdoor Dining Area | Outdoor Entertainment Area | Outdoor Kitchen

Awards Won

Golden Nugget Nationals

-Best Single Family Detached Home – Over 500 sq. ft. | Award of Merit 2017

MAME Awards

-Best Outdoor Merchandising for Homes $450k and Over



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