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Custom backyard design with real grass, cantilevered shade structure with hanging swings and up lighting.

How to Design a Pet-Friendly Backyard

If your household includes pets, it is important when designing your exterior spaces to include pet-friendly elements so every member of your family can enjoy the outdoors. At Creative Environments, we have decades of experience helping homeowners design beautiful and functional exterior spaces. If you are looking to make your backyard more pet-friendly, here are some outdoor design tips to ensure your four-legged friends will have a place to enjoy.

Pet-Friendly Plants

Installing plants that are non-toxic to household pets is an often-overlooked aspect of outdoor design, but very important in ensuring your pets can enjoy your backyard just as much as you do. As both cats and dogs are often very curious, they may investigate and sometimes even ingest plants or other green elements in your backyard. If these plants are toxic to them, it can very quickly become unsafe for them to spend time outdoors. When looking to include plants in your outdoor design, choose safe options like marigolds and sunflowers, and avoid plants like sago palm or oleander. The inclusion of pet-friendly plants ensures your furry friends can explore and enjoy your backyard to their heart’s content.

Include Shade

Backyards that include shaded areas are a great option, particularly in the summer months, so that your pets can enjoy the fresh air without overheating. Though many pets enjoy plentiful time in the sun, a place they can cool off while still enjoying the outdoors is an important part in creating a pet-friendly backyard. Our Tapestry at Destination model includes a number of different shade options, as well as an entertaining space that seamlessly transitions between the indoor and out. If you are grilling out or relaxing in the pool, this backyard gives your pets plenty of space to enjoy the shade or sun.

Designated Pet Areas

For homeowners who want to give their pets a true space to call their own, a designated pet area like in our Adero Canyon model can be a great upgrade. This home includes a stunning stone doghouse with a roof for your pets to relax in, and a metal tub and shower to make washing them a breeze. Having a designated dog washing station can prevent your pet from tracking in mud and provides them a unique wellness retreat of their own.

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