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How to Host A Great Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is almost here and this fun occasion calls for one of our most favorite family traditions: the backyard egg hunt.

At Creative Environments, we love to gather the family to host this quintessential holiday activity. To ensure that the hunt goes smoothly this spring season, here are a few tips for making it the best egg hiding (and finding) experience possible for all participants.

Get Yard Prepped
Before you set about hiding eggs in every nook and cranny, it’s a good idea to spruce up your backyard for the occasion. This means taking stock of any damage that occurred over winter, or any specific area in need of repair or attention. For example, how is the landscaping? Does it need professional care? What about the pool or deck area?

Getting these ducks lined up with a good preparation session can ensure that your outdoor backdrop is picture perfect.

Count Before Hiding
Alright, so you are ready to get to hiding the treat-filled eggs. At Creative Environments, we always count the eggs before hiding them to ensure that each egg is accounted for at the end and that there’s no residual hidden candy in your yard to lure in bugs and critters after the hunt. Afterall, you don’t want any treats to go to “waste!”

Delineate Boundaries
A great way to keep the gang together is to stick to a certain area of your yard. This can be particularly handy if you have native plants including cacti or succulents with sharp points. For example, hide eggs in the patio only or stick to the garden for a good green backdrop.

Something for Everyone
Make it fun and challenging for all skill levels. This may mean different things for your family. To even the distribution of finding, set a rule that older kids can only collect eggs that are off the ground. Plus, it’ll make the ritual last longer.

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