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Backyard design with outdoor shade structure with recessed lighting and outdoor dining area.

How to Host a Great Outdoor Thanksgiving

Have you considered hosting your Thanksgiving festivities in your backyard? Not only is it a great change of scenery, it can lend a fresh air of excitement and thrill to the occasion. Depending on where you live, you’ll need to plan your al fresco affair accordingly.

Certain elements need to be considered if you plan on hosting an outdoor Thanksgiving celebration. Here are a few tips:

Easy Outdoor Dishes
While plenty of traditional thanksgiving staples can be made indoors and brought outdoors, you’ll want to plan a menu that involves hot dishes that can be cooked right outside in your gourmet outdoor kitchen. We love grilled cabbage and zucchini, vegetables skewers and corn on the cob. Plus, if you feel like skipping turkey, you could even do sausages and other grilled meats!

Go Non-Traditional
Don’t limit yourself to the inside choices, mix it up. A warm kale salad or chopped broccoli slaw pairs wonderfully with wild rice or mushroom stuffing. The options are nearly endless. Depending on your group, you could even theme it and make it a potluck event. This takes the pressure of the host and enables attendees to bring a great dish to share with all.

Make it Cozy
If outside, figuring out creative ways to make the environment cozy and inviting will be a priority. At Creative Environments, we have years of experience crafting stunning landscape and designs that make any outdoor environment shine. To our knowledge, a few portable heaters or a stunning built-in firepit are two ways to keep the seasonal spirit warm.

Go-To Cocktails
Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be perfect. To help reduce stress all around, consider adding a cocktail hour before the main event. A lovely drink does wonders to melt away anxiety and help set the stage for an intimate shared meal with easy conversation.

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