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How To Protect Plants and Trees from Overnight Temperatures

While the Arizona climate is considered mild by many, we do get our cold snaps and with them, freezing temperatures. If you don’t prepare, your plants and trees may suffer harm or even death. When we hit night time temperatures into the 30s and below, it’s time to take action. Here’s how you can protect your plants from the overnight temperatures.

Plants React Differently
It’s important to know that plants’ reactions to cold temperatures are impacted by things such as age, stage of growth, health, water content and so on. For example, a young, flowering plant is more susceptible to frost. Likewise, an unhealthy, dehydrated plant is as well.

When landscaping, try and pick plants and trees that are more naturally frost tolerant to avoid the risk of losing plants each winter season. If you do decide to plant more frost sensitive plants, opt for your property locations that receive the most sunlight or warmth. Additionally, you can consider nestling them in near retaining walls or patios as plants can actually collect heat.

Covering Up
Using cloth or paper can help keep your plants warm and protected from frost. Frost paper can be purchased at your local nursery and is helpful for evenings when the mercury gets down to around 20 degrees.

To properly cover your plants and trees to prevent damage, you need to completely cover the plant from top to base, until the cloth or blanket reaches the ground. This is how you effectively create a barrier to trap heat and humidity to insulate your plants against the gold. You’ll want a natural drape of cloth that falls loosely around the base.

In the morning, you will need to remove each layer of protection to allow your plant air and to prevent it from waking from winter dormancy.

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