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Backyard design with kid's pool and outdoor kitchen.

How to Set Up the Perfect Backyard Picnic

It’s prime picnic season with the glorious warm weather that is happening now. At Creative Environments, we’ve been keen on honing in on creating the perfect picnic. By evaluating components to assemble a proper celebration, the following are what we’ve decided are imperative to host the best outdoor picnic experience possible.

Planning Makes Perfect
First picture what type of gathering you’d like to host. Is it intimate and fancy, footloose and a bit more casual? Who are your guests – kids, adults, neighbors, parents, friends or all of the above? Knowing an approximate headcount and the demographics as well as the vibe are good things to figure out in advance to plan accordingly.

Recipe Game on Point
The best part of any gathering should be the company and the food. Since it’s half the party equation, figuring out what to serve requires effort. We’re big fans of easy to enjoy dishes including finger sandwiches and easy to eat dips like guacamole, seven-layer bean dip, ranch and salsa served alongside chips and veggies. A seasonal fruit salad is always a hit in addition to other classic menu items including burgers and hotdogs if you anticipate grilling. Also, don’t forget dessert. We love a great berry cobbler served with fresh ice cream. Yum!

Other Supplies
What can really make your picnic standout is to consider your guests needs beforehand. From readily available sunscreen to bug spray, outdoor blankets for people to sit comfortably to games like cornhole or horseshoes, or even water balloons are all great (and sometimes unexpected) ways to entertain your guests.

If you really want to create a memorable picnic, go all out and select a theme that you can orient your menu and any activities around. Think boho chic or fiesta as two examples of themes that can help set the mood and help in planning.

Swimming Activities
If you are lucky enough to have a pool, then set it up for games like water basketball or get a few festive floats to give your guests fun places to relax and enjoy the day.

Let us know how it goes and consider adding us your next guest list?

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