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Custom backyard design with acrylic spa, metal statement piece and metal fencing.

It’s Hot Tub Time!

In our book, there’s no bad time for hot tub time. Now that we’ve crested the summer temperatures, at Creative Environments, we are pumped for the mercury to dip as we venture out into our own outdoor oasis to enjoy a relaxing, hot soak.

If you’ve yet to prime your hot tub for the fall season, here are a few tips we’ve compiled to make it a great experience.

Start Early
Don’t wait for the first cold snap to get to work. Instead, hop to the tasks now to ensure that your hot tub is ready to go.

The first step in prepping for prime hot tub season is to drain your hot tub of water (if you haven’t already) to get rid of any buildup.

Attention to Filters
Then it’s time to clean or replace your filters in addition to a good scrub down of the entire shell.

Take a moment to check that all pieces of equipment are in proper working order and look for any damage or leaks.

Fill and Test
Once you’ve taken inventory and are prepared, fill your hot tub and then check its water chemistry. You’ll need to adjust to bring the water into balance.

Quality Cover
At Creative Environments, we love a tight-fitting cover to help keep your hot tub environment well insulated and at the right temperature.

To make the most of your tub, we recommend soaking daily at least once for twenty minutes. Be sure to take frequent breaks to regulate your body temperature and to allow your muscles to absorb the right amount of heat. Drinking water is important to general health and be aware of the time that you spend unwinding.

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