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Custom backyard design with zero-edge pool, cantilevered shade structures and multiple seating areas.

Landscape Design Tips for Maximizing Curb Appeal

Expertly designed and maintained landscaping can be an easy and effective way when maximizing your curb appeal. It helps cement your home’s underlying design aesthetic as well as welcoming guests into a warm, inviting environment. The exterior of your home is the first thing people see. Investing in landscape design upgrades can be an essential upgrade. At Creative Environments, we have helped homeowners craft their dream exterior spaces for decades. If you are wondering how to use landscaping to maximize the curb appeal of your home, read on for some design tips to keep in mind.

Create Dramatic Entryways

Entryways are important not only for guiding friends and loved ones into your home, but also for anchoring the design of the space. In our Saguaro Estates model, a large white and grey marble walkway serves as a dramatic path to and from the front door, and contrasts effortlessly with the brown tones of the desert landscape. Potted green elements provide visual appeal as well as dimension to the front yard, creating a dramatic entryway.

Utilize Green Elements

Incorporating green elements can create contrast and enhance curb appeal. This is especially true for hardscaping elements. Our Adero Canyon Marden and Meyers models are set against the backdrop of the Valley’s lush landscape and feature a number of green elements that tie together the desert aesthetic. In addition, the natural flora and fauna of the desert can help compliment and soften the clean, minimal lines of modern homes and create significant visual interest.

Embrace Lighting

Lighting can make a dramatic difference in the feel and function of interior spaces, but it also plays an important role in maximizing curb appeal. Beyond security and safety, expertly designed lighting can enhance and highlight existing landscaping elements, ensuring they stand out at any time of day. At our Verde River model, lighting has been prioritized to create dramatic curb appeal. Up lighting serves to accentuate the green elements in the front yard, and the number of glass surfaces in this home allows for warm light to filter out, giving the exterior a soft glow.


As the #1 Phoenix Landscaping and Build Company, we have decades of experience giving Arizona homeowners exceptional spaces they can enjoy for years to come. Our design process ensures we can bring the ideas for your space to life. For tips on designing a backyard oasis everyone can enjoy, please contact us today.

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