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Backyard design with natural stone water fall.

Landscaping Materials: Gravel and Stone

When deciding to improve your property’s sense of design, many individuals naturally consider adding plants and a fresh layer of mulch to freshen up their curb appeal. At Creative Environments, our team of expert exterior designers knows exactly how to make your home, pool, and landscaping area shine. 

Two of our favorite materials to incorporate into a creative project are gravel and stone. Adding rock and gravel can introduce color and add texture to your hardscaping. Not to mention, they are natural elements that require little to no maintenance from you! Here’s how we like to incorporate them into any property’s landscape design: 

River Rock
River rock is made up of large, smooth rocks that are found in the bottom of rivers. In a range of calming grey hues, they can be employed to direct drainage through a property, to craft garden borders, or to make dry creek beds. 

Decomposed Granite
Typically a red to tan color, decomposed granite delivers a rustic, soft look that is affordable in the large quantities necessary when employed as a xeriscaped ground cover, to make trails throughout a backyard, and around the base of trees for a polished vibe. 

Crushed Granite Gravel
Similar to decomposed granite, crushed granite gravel is comprised of larger particles that lend a natural aesthetic sense to any outdoor environment. This size of crushed rock looks great when it delineates garden pathways and fills between pavers. 

Pea Gravel 
Appropriately named for its size, pea gravel is usually around ¼” to ⅛” in size. As far as colors go, it is available in white to tan to darker browns. One of our favorite uses of pea gravel is to cover driveways or to use it as a filler for space between stone pavers on patios.

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