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Our Favorite Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

At Creative Environments, we believe that the exterior of your home is not only a first impression, but a reflection of your lifestyle and personality. Each front yard is a testament to our commitment to elevating outdoor living to an art form. From lush greenery to elegant hardscaping, discover how our expert designers transform ordinary entrances into extraordinary experiences with our front yard landscaping ideas.

The Sullivan

At The Sullivan, we utilized the extra space in the front of the home to have a typical front yard landscaping look, with a large rock bed with organized planting and trees with uplighting. Before walking into the home, you arrive in a well-lit courtyard with pops of color from the angled shade structure and doors. With water feature planters and a brick fireplace, this front yard is a show-stopper.

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The Meyer

Custom front yard design with privacy wall, organized planting and fire table with outdoor seating.

At The Meyer, we utilized a retaining wall to add dimension between the desert contemporary landscape and the outdoor entertainment area with a built-in fire table. Additionally, with large planters and a variety of desert plants, we show how organized planting can create a timeless look.

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The Pelletier

Front yard design with pavers and grass

At The Pelletier, we utilized brick pavers for multiple walkways, artificial turf and organized planting along the perimeters and trees on each side of the home. Furthermore, this design shows how the power of a simple, balanced design can create a harmonious effect.

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From meticulously manicured lawns to captivating floral arrangements and architectural marvels, each front yard tells a unique story. At Creative Environments, we take pride in our commitment to creating outdoor spaces that not only elevate curb appeal but also provide a sanctuary for homeowners to escape and unwind.

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