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Backyard design with fire pit and metal gate.

Outdoor Heating Solutions

Whether you are lounging poolside with friends, gathered around for an intimate dinner outside, or huddling around a fire with your family, staying warm as the temperatures dip is imperative to spending time outside as the seasons change.

At Creative Environments, we believe that your outdoor property is an extension of your indoor living space. By integrating amenities that you are used to having indoors, in your own private outdoor setting, we can empower you to enjoy the natural beauty found in your very own yard. To keep your patio or deck warm this fall, we recommend the following heating solutions: 

Fire Pits

In recent decades, fire pits have come a long way. Now available in sleek modern designs that are well-suited to a range of architectural styles, fire pits are perfect for providing a focal gathering point for any outdoor event. By giving off gentle, ambient heat, fire pits naturally encourage warmth and intimacy. 

Electric/Gas Heaters
Heaters, especially when thoughtfully integrated into a patio environment, can provide seamless heat to deliver granular temperature control of an outside space. Thinking of dining al fresco? This option has you covered. 

With a range of design services, our stellar team at Creative Environments is well-versed in maintaining quality designs alongside functionality. Talk to our team about your heating needs!

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