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Backyard design with baja step, white shade structure, and multiple seating areas.

Pool Landscaping

At Creative Environments, there are two main considerations when executing a pool landscaping job: pretty and practical. 

We aim to bring to you a beautiful, yet functional, environment to enjoy. Whether you are relaxing poolside, dining al fresco, or taking a dip to cool off this summer, all of these activities are richer, more enjoyable in a polished, private oasis. 

Before you start willy-nilly overhauling your backyard with poolside plants, a few things you should consider include:

Creating a plan to provide backyard privacy with your plant selection can do wonders to enhance your property’s sense of space. Shrubs, hedges, small trees, and larger flowering plants and vines can be strategically employed to make your backyard free of nosy neighbors. 

Cleaning up plant debris is a hassle. To avoid adding this laborious chore to your routine, we can help you select plants and flowers that don’t make a mess and complement your aesthetics.

Low maintenance landscaping is often comprised of native plants that are well-suited to your backyard climate. At Creative Environments, we specialize in creating commercial and residential environments that are beautiful without requiring constant care. 

Resale Value

Well-executed poolside landscaping can add value to your home. Instead of a barren or desolate backyard, we enhance outdoor settings to basically extend your interior home’s footprint outside.

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