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Backyard design with pool, outdoor TV and fireplace.

Prepare Now for 2022 Backyard Builds

We are officially almost halfway through this calendar year! We know, time is just flying by. For those of you looking to kick off a backyard project with Creative Environments for the next calendar year, now is the perfect time to start preparing!

Our books fill up quickly and if you have been considering allowing our professional landscape designers to convert your vision into a visually stunning outdoor space, we’d love to hear from you.

The Creative Environments process is a unique one where we work alongside our clients to bring their dreams to fruition. If you’ve always longed for a beautiful, functional and comfortable outdoor environment, our team is at the ready. Regardless of which space on the property you want to customize, be it an outdoor kitchen or family room, adding a wine or conversation patio, crafting a new entertainment center or something else, here’s how we tackle any new project:

First we put your vision down on paper using full CAD/3D Studio to perfect the design. Then our designers produce architectural drawings and other colorful visuals to ensure that the project will be executed as desired. This step affords a chance to confirm that that homeowner is satisfied with any designs before the next step of the process commences.

Once finalized, a project moves into the construction phase away from our design team and into the hands of the construction team. Next up, the final product is finished and then it’s time to enjoy your new outdoor space.

Whether a custom pool and spa complete with features like a diving board or steps and shelves, we custom engineer your entire space to allow you to take your outdoor entertaining and relaxation to the next level.

Make 2022 your year of rest and relaxation. Give us a call at (480) 777-9305 to get the planning phase underway.

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