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Custom backyard design with sunken fire pit, Jesus steps and black water wall into pool.

Preparing Your Backyard Space for Summer

The season of sunshine and swimming is upon us. If you’ve yet to prep your backyard for prime time, then you are already slightly behind the curve. Not to worry, however. To make the most of our glorious Arizona weather, we recommend you get out there as soon as possible and get your outdoor space ready to shine.

Here’s how to tackle preparing your backyard space for summer!

Lawn Care
A lush lawn adds so much richness to a space. Plus, you want to get your lawn into shape before the temperatures climb too much. Early spring is the perfect time to weed, water, aerate, plant and overhaul your green space. Then let it take root for a fresh mowing job to look it’s best!

Garden Attention
Similar to lawn care, getting your garden and flower beds free of weeds and unhealthy growth or turned over with beautiful new plants can really amp up the vibe of your space. If you have any plants that are struggling, talk to our team about a visually pleasing solution.

Deck and Patio Area
Home to hosting, the deck and patio area of your backyard could most likely use a good deep clean. Similar to spring cleaning in the house, consider power washing your deck or patio a great way to remove build up or debri left from the last year. In addition, we also recommend giving your outdoor furniture a good scrub and adding a few new accessories like pillows or outdoor candles to really jazz up your space.

Let There Be Light
Examine your lighting and decide if you’d like to up your game. Adding a fire pit or additional illumination can enhance the ambiance and give you a new focal point. We love a pool lighting upgrade to capture the latest in LED technology functionality giving you granular control of your lighting situation.

Exterior of House
Last but not least, a good overhaul of the outside of your house can lend an air of cohesion and upkeep to your property. For many, this means a quick wash and a cleaning of the windows to remove dirt that has accumulated. If there’s any other organizational tasks to keeping equipment out of sight, this is also recommended as to maintain a fresh exterior.

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