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Prepping Your Spa For Fall

Crisp, cool evenings are on the horizon. As we near the end to another arduous summer season, at Creative Environments, we are ready to fire up the spa and prepare for pleasurable evenings spent under the stars. 

Before the autumn days and nights arrive, there are a few things we recommend you do to prep your hot tub for the time ahead. Here’s our advice:

  1. Flush Your System
    While tempting to skip this step, flushing and draining your system should be performed at least yearly. We recommend checking your instruction manual and opting for a system flush designed for your spa needs. Flushing your system before draining is the best way to remove bacteria growth in pipes, reduce fungal growth, and aid in eliminating water balancing issues. 
  2. Draining 
    Make sure that your system is shut down completely, then connect a hose to your unit’s drain valve. Be sure that the other end of the hose is in a good place, i.e. away from your foundation or any other backyard structures. Then, release the access valve and let your tub drain completely. 
  3. Clean Filter Cartridge
    Since it’s a best practice to replace your filter cartridge once or twice a year, once your spa is drained is a good time to clean or replace the filter cartridge. A good deep cleaning (or replacement) can extend the life of your system and help reduce the occurrence of cloudy water. 
  4. Clean and Fill
    Before you start filling up your spa, take a moment and wipe down the interior. Be sure to do the shell and cover. Once done, you can then start to refill your spa. We recommend a hose end-filter to prevent any hard water debris from getting into your fresh spa and compromising water quality. 

Sanitize and Balance
Last but not least, you’ll want to check your water balance and adjust chemicals as necessary to maintain sparkling clean and healthy water.

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