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Summer Grilling Ideas

As the temperatures rise, backyard spaces provide a great place to cool things off in the pool or heat things up on the grill. Here are some tips to make the most of summer grilling season, whether on the BBQ or in the pizza oven.

Wood-fired Pizza

An outdoor pizza oven is a great addition to any backyard space, and rivals pizzerias with the taste and customization it provides. Pizza ovens are able to heat consistently at high temperatures, allowing faster cooking times with a unique flavor. They are also a great option with a group — multiple pizzas can be fired at the same time, so everyone can build their pizzas to their own tastes. With the ease and flexibility an outdoor pizza oven offers, it’s an essential investment for the summer season.


An outdoor barbeque setup is always a popular choice, and for good reason. Smoking meats or grilling in the backyard is an essential staple of summer, and allows you to mingle with friends and family with the added bonus of incredible flavor that cooking inside doesn’t equal. Whether you opt for a charcoal or gas grill, it’s hard to imagine an outdoor space built for summer that doesn’t include a place to socialize and sear hot dogs or burgers.

Over the Fire Pit

Summer is also a popular time for camping and backyard campfires, and cooking over a fire pit goes well with that. Cooking over an open fire is an affordable option that allows a lot of flexibility — from hot dogs, to bacon and eggs, to smores. Few things beat family and friends all huddled around a campfire on long summer nights.

Whatever your backyard space looks like, summer is a great time to take advantage of cooking options outside. When the weather starts to heat up, make sure you have a place to grill and wind down with friends and family.

Our design process ensures we can bring the ideas for your space to life. For tips on designing a pool and backyard oasis everyone can enjoy, please contact us today.

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