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The Versatility of Concrete

When you think of concrete, you probably go straight to the boring, gray material of city sidewalks. However, this material is actually quite versatile. Its strength and durability make it an excellent resource to resist deterioration and damage. At Creative Environments, we love to include this material in our landscape design projects. 

Here are a few ways we do just that:

The rough finish of concrete makes it an ideal material for adding contained planters in any outdoor space. Custom concrete planters can be made to size for beautiful native plants that add a polished look to any property. 

One of the best things about concrete is that aggregate materials like glass, stones, pebbles, and so on can be added to this hardy material to create a beautiful color and texture for decking. Our team is comprised of expert landscape designers that can consult with you to develop a backyard plan that transforms your outdoor environment into a private oasis.

Retainer Walls
Depending on your property, adding elements of varied height like retaining walls can build in integrity and visual delight. Since concrete resists deterioration in the harsh Arizona elements, this material is an excellent resource to incorporate into a design that includes retaining walls.  

Another fun way to introduce concrete into the mix is to use pavers. This offers a sparser concentration of concrete as opposed to solid decking and gives your backyard space a chance to breathe. Schedule a consultation with our team today and we can visit your property to determine the best way to move forward.

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