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Backyard feature with water columns into pool

Top Arizona Landscape Design Elements

In any landscape design, there are four critical elements necessary to bring together a space. These include color, line, texture, form and scale.

Color gives interest and dimension and offers harmony in addition to contrast.

Line often is employed most by structures in a backyard environment. Think edges of a walkway, a retaining wall, perimeter of a patio or deck.

Texture is most often included through plants and materials. Plantlife offers diverse capabilities to involve lightness, heaviness, coarseness and more.

Scale refers to the relationship between the space in your backyard area in contrast to surrounding areas. Scale is helpful in finalizing size and shape of design elements.

At Creative Environment, we combine the above elements in interesting and unique ways to suit your specific property. In Arizona, we have a relatively stark palette to work with.

By including hardscape materials alongside soft leafy plants, populating breezeways with beautiful, sprawling vines, or crafting an intimate outdoor living space right next to your pool, we know how to bring both innovation and creativity to craft a stunning exterior design.

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