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Warm Weather Issues in Your Backyard

Entertaining outside in the spring is one of our favorite things at Creative Environments. We love a great gathering in a beautiful backyard! But before you start issuing invites to your closest friends and neighbors, here are a few of the top warm weather problems that crop up. Early spring is the perfect time to address these pain points to prevent any unsightly or annoying issues later on.


Now is the time to take action against insects, whether wasps in the eaves, mosquitoes in the yard, or even ant infestations around your garden. Having a bug person out to inspect your property and prescribe a course of action is important to combating these pesky insects.


With the spring rain and warming weather, weeds can easily overtake your beautiful landscaping and bring the aesthetic value of your property down. Plus, no one wants to plan a party then spend those last minutes running around trying to make your outdoor environment perfect. Instead, start now by using a natural weed killer to keep your yard and surroundings ship shape. By preventing the weeds from coming in, you will save yourself those last few minutes before your party that may be needed!

Cracked Patio or Pavers

If your ground has shifted with the contraction and expansion, you should do a check for any cracks that appear in your patio or pavers. These hairline fractures can exacerbate as the weather grows more severe. The longer you wait for these types of repairs, the more problematic it will be in the future.

Pool Care

Just as it is important to take stock of your patio and surroundings, early spring is also a great time to inspect your pool and realign your pool care routine to perfection to avoid any hiccups when it comes time to dive in!

So head out and spruce up!  Contact us today for help in creating your backyard oasis.

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