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Watering Your Plants in the Summer

With the scorching hot temperatures in the Valley of the Sun, taking care of your property means giving attention to your landscaping and plant life to ensure its survival. Summer gardening is different than other seasons however.

To help you make the most efficient use of your water from June to October, here’s what to do:

Understand Your Plants
Native plants and desert-adapted species can thrive in harsh conditions like triple-digit temperatures. The first step in approaching your watering routine is to examine what types of plants you have and how their individual water needs vary. 

Essential Irrigation
Due to a lack of humidity in tandem with the high temperatures and a lack of rainfall, plants cool themselves in the summer months by moving energy and nutrients from their roots to their leaves. Irrigation is a must in order for plants to thrive. Drip systems are one of the most popular methods of delivering water. Whether by hose, emitters, or drips, plants require irrigation and offer a way to combat evaporation and avoid wetting leaves. 

Spreading a protective barrier between the soil and the direct rays of the sun is another big step in aiding your plants to hold onto moisture and coolness. You should aim for a 2 to 3 inch layer of ground bark, pine needles, leaves, or wheat straw to prevent the sun from baking the soil.

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