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Custom backyard design with curved pool, raised spa and natural stone retention walls.

What Shape Is Best for Your Pool?

Pools are an important part of any backyard oasis, and with many different shapes and designs there are a lot of options for homeowners to tailor their space to their exact vision. At Creative Environments we offer a number of different designs for your home. Read on to see some popular pool design elements and check out our galleryfor inspiration.

Pool Shape Ideas

As the focal point for an outdoor space, getting the design and details of a pool down can really make a space feel complete. And whether for entertaining or just relaxing, your pool should be not just beautiful to look at, but fulfill your needs.

Rectangular or square pool shapes like those at our Bridle Ranch project appeal to the more minimalist-minded homeowner, with sharp geometric water features. Combining clean lines with eye-catching materials like black granite, the water features showcased here are sleek and subdued. Often minimal designs are executed in a way that leaves something to be desired, but for pool owners who want a space that plays with angles and is expertly designed without being too distracting, this is a great choice.

Pools with softer, rounder designs are also a popular choice. One of the water features displayed in our Caleda model combines a circular white-tile design surrounded by rectangular fountains creating a shower-like display. Oval or circular shaped pools create a sense of unity and a feeling of serenity.

Freeform shapes are also a great option for the homeowner who wants a unique design aesthetic. The pool design in our Sierra Highlands model consists of rounded arches with sharp edges, with an infinity edge overlooking a water feature below. Combining the features of rectangular and round elements gives the pool a distinctive character.

Whatever size backyard or design ideas you want included, a pool should be not just a place to swim or relax but something that anchors the look and feel of an outdoor space. We design your dream backyard from the ground up, so whether you want a sleek infinity pool or a layered pool with a lot of water features, we can help you envision and build it.

Our design process ensures we can bring the ideas for your space to life. For tips on designing a pool and backyard oasis everyone can enjoy, please contact us today.

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