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Front yard design with succulents.

Why We Love Texture

Texture lends interest. At Creative Environments, we employ a wide variety of materials and texture to cohesively make your property shine. In landscape design, we win local and national awards from industry peers. When it comes to creating a breathtaking home, pool, or landscaping area, several of our go-to textures include:

Plant Life
One of the best ways to add visual intrigue to a property is with plants. With a wide variety of native plants, citrus trees, succulents and so on, the options are endless. We are big fans on combining leafy materials in a range of heights, colors, and textures with natural landscaping features to complement one another and deliver a rich array of materials. 

A hardy and weather-proof material, metal is a great go-to source when creating visual lines on a property. Whether planters, metal fencing, lined walkways, you name it, this material shows beautifully alongside plant life. 

Natural Elements 
It’s the desert after all! Elements from our natural habitat, like rocks and gravel, are a great way to unite a landscape design. 

One of our best-kept secrets about creating excellent textures is in the lighting. An outdoor oasis should be properly lit up in a way that accentuates the architecture of a home that showcases the beauty of its natural surroundings. 

Let Arizona’s top exterior designers visit your current property and discuss how we can transform your home complete with textures today. 

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