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Backyard design with galvanized metal planters

Why Your Backyard Needs A Pergola

It’s hot and sunny yet you don’t want to be cooped up inside, hiding from the natural beauty of your outdoor oasis. We’ve got news for you: Creative Environments has the answer: a pergola. 

Pergolas are a hot trend in landscape design right now that afford you the ability to enjoy your outdoor living. Here’s several reasons why you should consider adding a pergola to your space now:

As an open structure, a well-crafted pergola can block out direct sunshine to keep you cool. Since these versatile structures allow for ventilation, they can direct airflow to aid you in enjoying your backyard environment more when the temperatures climb.

Designed to shield a patio or outdoor dining/living environment, pergolas can add a degree of privacy. If interested, you can add drapes or screens to your structure for an extra amount of privacy!

Cost Flexible
Our team of designers can aid you in bringing your pergola dream to fruition. With a range of material options suited to various needs, building a pergola is what we like to refer to as cost flexible. 

Add Value
By expanding the footprint of your indoor living environment area, an outdoor pergola can add value to your home. At Creative Environments, we can turn your outside space into paradise.

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