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Custom entryway courtyard with large tree, multiple large metal planters and floating fire table.

Attracting Birds to Your Yard

At Creative Environments, we are all about bringing the indoors out. That’s right, we love a comfortable outdoor living room that’s perfect for marrying typical indoor tasks with fresh air and natural light. Most individuals know that a garden with flowers is a good place for bees and butterflies but did you know that you can also entice birds to your backyard environment?

Not only does birdwatching make for a great activity, these lovely creatures enhance your day with a sense of natural wonder and beauty. Isn’t that a thing to uphold with your morning cup of coffee?

To attract birds to your backyard, we recommend planting the following flowers.

  1. Sunflowers
    These heavyweight annually blooming flowers rule the birdseed world. With a large variety of sizes and colors, these beautiful flowers grow excellently in full sun.
  2. Coneflowers
    Available in a wide variety of colors, these pretty and rugged flowers attract butterflies and songbirds. As perennials, they bloom year after year and grow from summer through the late fall in the full sun. 
  3. Goldenrod
    A feathery looking flower, these yellow flowers are members of the aster family. Their flowery heads quickly turn to seeds and attract birds. 
  4. Honeysuckle
    Known for their sweet aroma, this highly fragrant vine plant attracts birds to its nectar. Its most popular guests include Blue Jays, Finches, Cardinals, and more. 
  5. Holly

A hardy plant that grows virtually anywhere in the U.S., the Holly is a good food source for birds and can be a good addition to the garden for the harsher, winter months. 

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