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Celebrate Fall by Hosting a Dinner Party Outside

Is there anything better to do when the weather turns than to host a beautiful fall meal outdoors? Autumn is one of the best times of the year to gather your friends and family and enjoy a great outdoor evening together. This season, make the most of your outdoor space by putting together an elegant, yet simple, meal with all of your favorite people.

When hosting, there are a few items to consider to make the occasion seamless. To make it an evening to remember, here are our top hosting recommendations for a celebratory fall dinner:

Set the Table 
Identify the best place in your outdoor environment to set the dining stage. Your table is the foundation for your dinner and you want to ensure that it’s in the right place to allow for easy coming and going and mingling of attendees.

As a vital component of atmosphere, lighting creates mood. When selecting the dining location, be sure to consider overhead lighting, table lighting and any directional lighting necessary to aid guests in navigating your property under the night sky.

A secondary component to build ambiance is music. Consider what tone is right for the atmosphere you want to craft. Whether an iPhone playlist or a record player, it’s a good idea to plan out in advance the vibe you’d like to achieve.

Our favorite part of any party: the menu. Fall is a great time of the year for farm-to-table dishes that highlight seasonal ingredients. From rosemary potatoes to cornbread and butter, beef tenderloin to apple or even pumpkin pie, planning out a fun signature meal can truly bring the event together.

Keeping it Simple
Keeping details simple like flowers and other decorations is a way to keep the celebration low key and sophisticated without taxing efforts and contributions. Afterall, the point of a lovely dinner is to spend time with one another and enjoying the evening.

Happy Fall!

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