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Custom backyard design with blue pool, angled shade structure and large metal planters.

Creating A Desert Oasis

Creating a Desert Oasis

You can enjoy the relaxing, tranquil atmosphere of the desert right in your own backyard. Through some creative backyard renovation ideas, you can transform your property into a personal oasis.

At Creative Environments, we use award-winning landscaping and water services to craft one-of-a-kind, backyard paradises for our clients.

If you are interested in capturing the essence of the most beautiful desert landscape in your backyard, here are a few suggestions:

Hardscape With Desert Textures

Stone and concrete will add texture to your landscape while offering a clearly defined layout for your oasis. Gravel walkways can wind through a small garden and easily lead to and from your home and pool area.

Boulders in various natural shades and sizes help add visual depth and infuse your landscape with distinct but unobtrusive texture.

Hardscaping is easy to maintain, so it’s an excellent backyard design option for those with children and pets. Its durability means you can run, jump and play as much as you want without worrying about destroying the design.

Unique Shade Structures to Keep Cool

To make the most of your outdoor relaxation, we suggest installing some shade structures to protect your skin and eyes from UV rays. These structures can become focal points for friends and family to relax together, whether around a fire pit or next to an outdoor kitchen.

Creative Environments offers hand-crafted metal work, pergolas and other shade structures to help you stay comfortable without compromising your view.

Install Water Features 

Water may not be abundant in the desert, but it can flow freely through your backyard oasis. From sprinkler pads to an inground pool or stonework foundation, there are plenty of options to infuse your backyard with refreshing water features.

Plants and Foliage for Maximum Impact 

Shade trees can provide ample protection for your soil and garden while allowing you to take repose in the open. You can also spruce up your landscaping with native desert plants, such as breathtaking blooming cacti and a succulent garden.

Arizona is rich in natural desert plants that you can grow yourself, including:

  • The bold and eccentric Joshua tree
  • The yellow-blooming cholla, aka the “teddy bear” cactus
  • Soothing and practical aloe vera
  • The evergreen Parry’s agave
  • Ornamental grasses, including Bull and Deer grass

Play Into the Desert Motif 

Texture is the first element to bring the desert feel to life in your backyard — color is the second. A desert color palette is grounded in neutral earth-tones highlighted by pops of vivid, natural color.

In addition to hues of brown and beige, colors such as turquoise blue, jadeite green and carnelian orange can make your space feel vibrant and invigorating without feeling out of place.

In addition to stonework and landscaping, you can bring these colors into your backyard by incorporating them into outdoor furniture and a number of fabrics.

If you would like to start designing your dream desert, our expert team is here to help. Creative Environments partners with leading businesses to bring our clients the highest caliber of design, landscaping and water work in the greater Phoenix area. You can learn more about our design process here.

Please contact us today to schedule a consultation, or give us a call at (480) 777-9305.

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