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Custom backyard design with circular raised spa, circular pool and privacy hedges.

Creative Pool Shape Ideas

Pools are a great place for entertaining or beating the heat during the summer, but they can also help anchor and elevate the aesthetic of a backyard space. Whether your design aesthetic is clean, minimal lines or organic, freeform shapes, at Creative Environments we offer a number of different models with styles for every design palate. Read on for some ideas for creative pool shapes.

Spas and Tubs

At our Sereno Canyon Enclave model, we do not let a small backyard footprint limit the beautiful design of this pool. Featuring an acrylic border, this swimming pool is truly a unique piece of art. It allows homeowners to enjoy a place to cool off and relax while enjoying a beautifully designed metal art siding.

Contrasting Colors

One of the pools at our Flora at Morrison Ranch model is all about playing with height and color. A white inground pool is hedged against a black tile elevated tub. The contrast between not just the color but the height of each water feature gives a unique visual appeal to the space.

Infinity Pools and Waterside Dining

Our Sereno Canyon Mayne model features a few creative and unique water elements. The main pool area features clean, geometric lines, and is situated under an elevated entertaining area. The dining area is on the same level as the pool, and a bar area with high top stools is flush with the pool itself. Towards the other end, three chaise lounges overlook the pool, situated on a platform that gives the appearance it is floating.

Pools are much more than just a place to swim or tan, and when well-designed can go a long way in elevating a space. We design your dream backyard from the ground up, so whatever plans you have for your backyard, we can make it a reality.

Our design process ensures we can bring the ideas for your space to life. For tips on designing a pool and backyard oasis everyone can enjoy, please contact us today.

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