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Custom backyard design with herb garden and metal planters.

Dog-Friendly Plants that Elevate Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Creating an outdoor living space that meets your aesthetics and functionality can be challenging, but factoring in man’s best friend creates another level of things to consider. It’s more than having a large, grassy area and a doggy-door. In Arizona, choosing plants that are drought-tolerant can be challenging enough, let alone what is safe for your furry friends. Here are the top 5 dog-friendly plants that can help you elevate your outdoor living space.

Top 5 Dog-Friendly Plants for Arizona Climate:

1. Sages (Salvia): Many varieties of sage are low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and non-toxic to dogs. They add a pop of color and aroma to your yard while keeping your pets safe.

2. Sunflowers: These bright and cheery flowers are non-toxic to dogs and can withstand the Arizona sun. Their large size can create a beautiful backdrop in your yard and add a vibrant pop of color.

3. Basil: Not only is basil safe for dogs, but it’s also a wonderful herb to have on hand for cooking! Its aromatic leaves and low maintenance make it a win-win. Add it to your favorite pasta dish as you sit in your outdoor dining area. At Rosewood Highlands, we created multiple seating areas for you to enjoy dinner with. View the full gallery here.

4. Rosemary: This fragrant herb is hardy, drought-tolerant, and safe for dogs. Its woody structure can also add an interesting visual element to your garden. Rosemary can be the perfect addition to a steak or appetizer.

5. Marigolds: These colorful flowers are safe for dogs and can help repel pests, making them a great addition to your Arizona garden.

At Creative Environments, we love to create a space that is fun for everyone in your family, including your 4-legged friends. Contact our team today to learn more about our dog-friendly plants that can elevate your outdoor living space.

To learn more about what plants are safe for your dog, please visit the ASPCA website.

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