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Custom backyard design with Jesus steps, floating fire table and metal scupper water feature into pool.

How Creative Environments Can Bring Your Dreams to Life

At Creative Environments, we have been a leader in the landscaping and design industry for decades, and whether for residential or commercial clients, our design process ensures we can bring the ideas for the space you want to life. We build your dream exterior from the ground up, helping walk homeowners from the initial planning stage all the way to the final product. Whether you want an outdoor kitchen or family room, a place for the kids to play or the adults to entertain, we help make your dreams a reality.

Our Design Process

The first step in creating the perfect space is for our designers to meet with homeowners, discuss their ideas and unique vision for the space, and begin to lay it out on paper. From there, our design architects begin fleshing out the ideas into a concrete, realized sketch of the space.

Our designers will then take that sketch and input it into our full CAD/3D studio. This step brings the initial sketches and designs to life, and when following up with the homeowners, offers them an unparalleled view of how their dream space will look. After reviewing and making sure all aspects of the homeowner’s vision are accounted for, the construction process begins.

The construction team breaks ground and works to fully realize the design, whether it is crafting water features, fire features or metal work. After completion, the homeowners have a beautifully built outdoor space that they can enjoy for years to come.

From start to finish we work with homeowners to fulfill their exact wants and needs for the space, regardless of scale or design complexity. With decades of experience in designing and crafting beautiful outdoor spaces, you can be sure that however you want your backyard to look, we can make it happen.

Why choose us?

We have 60 years of experience in bringing homeowners’ ideas for their backyard spaces from the drawing board to life, with a focus on a design model that is not just eye-catching but functional and built to last. We combine talented, experienced landscape designers with unmatched technology like our full CAD/3D studio. By working with us, you get a design experience that cannot be matched by competing firms.

If you have ideas for a perfect backyard oasis and want to make those ideas a reality, please contact us today.

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