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Custom backyard design with large potted plants, metal gate and fire pit.

How To Transform Your Backyard Into A Relaxing Retreat From Daily Life

From stress at work to nonstop familial obligations, we all face obstacles on a daily basis that can cause us to feel burnt out and exhausted. But often, all we need is a little time for self-care and disconnecting from the chaos of everyday life in order to feel rejuvenated. Fortunately, by incorporating certain features into your outdoor living space, your backyard can be transformed into a relaxing oasis where you can escape and recharge whenever you’re feeling worn down. Here are a few ideas that Creative Environments recommends:

  • Private outdoor bath areas. As homeowners have increasingly blurred the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living, features like outdoor showers have become more common. If you have been swimming or working in the yard, rinsing off in an outdoor shower can help you avoid tracking dirt and pool chemicals into the house—while offering the peaceful experience of showering under a blue sky or starry night, yet with complete privacy. However, outdoor bath areas can extend far beyond showers—depending on your preferences and space available, they may include massage tables, bathtubs, visually soothing walls of foliage, water features to promote relaxation, comfortable seating areas, and more. These spaces are often connected to the home’s master bedroom, creating a convenient and private retreat.
  • Hammocks and other spaces for lounging. Hammocks are relatively compact and inexpensive additions, yet they can quickly make any backyard feel like a resort. When you relax in a hammock, its rhythmic motion will help you access a deep state of calm—without ever leaving home. If hammocks aren’t your style, consider adding comfortable seating areas to your backyard that will provide quiet spaces for reading, napping, or meditating.
  • She sheds. For many years, garages, basements, tool sheds, and more recently, “man caves” have been largely considered the domain of the men in the household—places where they can escape to work on their hobbies or simply enjoy some solitude. “She sheds” are the new feminine answer to these spaces. She sheds typically consist of a small structure detached from the main house where women can cultivate their own private space centered on their unique interests, ranging from gardening to art to yoga to socialization and more. If you’re considering building a she shed, the most important factor is that it reflects however you prefer to spend your free time—it is, after all, your own personal retreat from the world, right in your own backyard!
  • Container gardens. Whether you’re an amateur gardener or you’re sharpening your green thumb, container gardens are a great option for any space. When designing your container garden, get creative with the vessels you choose—which may include pots, baskets, boxes, wheelbarrows, and more—as well as the types of plants. From succulents to herbs to small trees, a surprisingly wide variety of plants may thrive in containers. This quirky cultivation method can turn your garden into a work of art, conserve space, and make the gardening process more comfortable by reducing the need to bend down as you care for your plants.

Regardless of the size or style of your backyard, there are many options available for transforming the space into your own relaxing retreat. Seeking inspiration? Contact the design professionals at Creative Environments today!

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