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Kid-Friendly Outdoor Spaces

Beautiful outdoor spaces aren’t exclusively for adults. The whole family can enjoy a breathtaking, inviting outdoor oasis that’s both relaxing for parents and fun for kids.

At Creative Environments, we take a client-based approach to our landscape and outdoor designs. Here are some of the best features to include if you’re looking for kid-friendly additions to your backyard:

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools give families a fun place to gather and get plenty of exercise and sunshine during the warmer months. In Arizona, you can enjoy your pool virtually year-round. To make them extra kid-friendly, you may consider keeping the water depth relatively shallow and installing a rest area with kid-sized furniture and pool toys.

Features such as small fountains and mini waterfalls can also be a creative way to upgrade your pool’s aesthetic while enhancing its fun factor for young swimmers.

Safety is also an integral part of any kid-friendly pool design. We can recommend stylish but durable barriers and storage options for pool equipment and cleaning products that enhance your design while protecting children.

Sports Courts

Whether they’re an NBA fan, soccer lover, or adore a game of tennis, sports courts are a great way for kids to have fun outside. A sports court can also bring a luxurious, resort-style feel to your backyard without requiring extensive landscaping.

In drier climates, a sports court can thrive, and fencing and decorative greenery or native plants can help integrate the feature flawlessly into your yard.

Since both grass and dirt tend to be more difficult to maintain, sports courts are a fun, low-maintenance option for homeowners who do not have strong growth in their backyards.

Lounge Areas

Everyone can enjoy relaxing outdoors, and children can enjoy the addition of kid-friendly features. First and foremost, opt for low and accessible furniture that will eliminate bumps and bruises while preventing fall risks.

You can also include activity tables, snack and juice bars, and versatile, durable pieces in low-maintenance fabric that will withstand plenty of playtime and cuddle sessions.

Water Features

Water features, like splash pads and sprinklers, are a fantastic way to bring an interactive element to your backyard while still playing on a natural theme. Many water features are also excellent for doubling as garden features, such as mini waterfall fountains.

Even a splash pad can be designed to match your backyard’s style with cool stone finishes that deflect heat. Kids will have fun cooling off with a sprinkler, and you can enjoy the relaxing sound of trickling streams.

Personal Playgrounds

Play structures like swings, climbing walls, and sandboxes can provide plenty of safe, structured outdoor time. What’s more, you can use wood and stone finishes to accentuate the playground and infuse its design with the color and tonality of your existing decor.

Even landscaping can be used to create exciting pathways and give kids an opportunity to marvel at the nature all around them. Consider using a surface that’s ideal for chalk so kids can design their own space.

For additional design inspiration, explore our blog. You can also contact us at Creative Environments to ask questions or request a quote!

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