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Backyard design with outdoor entertainment area and outdoor kitchen

Landscape Design in Phoenix: Matching Your Outdoor Landscape to Your Home’s Style

Given the gorgeous weather that we enjoy throughout most of the year in Arizona, many homeowners strive to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. When developing a landscape design in Phoenix, incorporating elements that match your home’s style will help to ensure a consistent aesthetic, make your home feel larger, and create a seamless transition between your interior and exterior living spaces.

Here are a few ways to design an outdoor landscape that beautifully matches the style of your home:

  • Incorporate some of the same design elements—such as patterns, tiles, and materials—in both the interior and exterior spaces. Many Creative Environments landscape designs feature elements that are also used inside the home. For example, the Pradera model, a modern ranch-style home in Gilbert’s Whitewing community, uses Chicago brick in accent walls within the home, as well as in hardscapes found in the front yard and backyard. This enhances the sense of continuity throughout the property.
  • Add outdoor kitchens and dining areas. Nothing bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor living like fully functional spaces for cooking and dining al fresco! At Creative Environments, we often include these popular features in our landscape designs. One particularly striking example is the backyard of a home at Talon Ranch in Scottsdale, which features a covered, floating kitchen over the pool, ample seating, and sweeping views of the surrounding mountains.
  • Blur the boundaries between your living room and patio. By incorporating elements that connect your home’s interior to the outdoor patio, you can make your living space seem larger and create a true sense of indoor-outdoor living. Techniques for achieving this include installing pocket sliding glass doors, which disappear into a wall pocket and open fully for a panoramic view of the yard, and carrying the same type of flooring from the inside to the outside (as long as the flooring is approved for outdoor use). For example, model homes at the Crossings at Meridian in Queen Creek feature pocket sliding glass doors that can be used to eliminate the barrier between the living room and patio. In addition, some of the homes carry the same clean, modern design lines and outdoor-friendly wood tile flooring from the indoors out, which helps draw the eye towards the stunning yards.

If you’re seeking a landscape design for your outdoor living space that will mirror and enhance the style of your home, the professionals at Creative Environments can help! Drawing on decades of experience, our team of landscape architects and design professionals will work with you to create an outdoor haven that reflects your needs and style. Contact us today to request a quote!

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