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Front yard design with natural stone steps and greenery pathway

Landscaping for Privacy

If the desert is known for one thing, we’d call it stark. That’s not to say that it isn’t breathtaking and beautiful, but it can feel slightly barren. When it comes to landscaping your property around your home, privacy is an important consideration. Here are our team’s best tips when it comes to bolstering solitude without compromising aesthetics.

Decorate the Edges
Adding a low row of plants or hedges can create a privacy barrier to interrupt any direct line of sight. We love native desert plants such as Tufted Evening Primrose or the Desert Fairy Duster to serve up seclusion.

Go for Canopy
To protect you from the harsh Arizona sun, create an overhead canopy for shelter. Crafting a dedicated space on a pergola or trellis is a great place to incorporate climbing jasmine or other vine-like plants to keep you cool and out of sight from noisy neighbors.

Vertical Gardens
As home to numerous species of birds and butterflies, we love to incorporate vertical gardening as a way to both entice these creatures and deliver you with visual intrigue. Growing herbs and flowers up a lattice or in strategically elevated beds can serve a purpose in giving the illusion of elevation and depth, while providing surface area for plant life.

Consider Custom
At Creative Environments, we are full of good ideas from years of expertise bringing innovative landscaping solutions to a wide variety of commercial and residential properties. If there’s something in particular that you want to solve, our team is happy to help. Contact us today!

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