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Backyard design with Jesus steps and recessed lighting.

Looking Forward in 2021

This year, we can’t wait to spend time in our own private outdoor spaces. Whether huddled near a fire, lounging by the pool, or just enjoying a meal and some R&R time, we predict that the year ahead has a lot for us to look forward to.

If you are not absolutely in love with your property, now is the perfect time to make those changes. Creative Environments is one of the most highly regarded landscape design companies serving the greater Phoenix area. We provide a range of services including custom swimming pools, patios, outdoor kitchens and more.

With the ongoing pandemic, we know that many people have spent more time than ever in their home environments. So why not turn some care and attention to your surroundings to ensure that you absolutely love where you are?

Several ideas to maximize your outdoor spaces include:

Regardless of outdoor temperature, there’s just something so cozy and inviting about a good fire. At Creative Environments, we can investigate your aesthetic desires and craft an elegant firepit to meet your needs. Not to mention, fires make for great focal points for connecting with your family under the open sky before or after meals.

Pool Renovation
If your pool is looking dated or in need of repairs, winter is the ideal time to renovate. From resurfacing to adding new water features, updating your pool equipment to installing technology that makes ownership easier, our team is here to help.

Sport Court
We’ve witnessed a huge uptick in the popularity of sport courts. These small, padded court surfaces are great for a variety of games that can not only encourage exercise but also plenty of fun!

Outdoor Kitchen
Cooking a meal outdoors and then enjoying it in a beautiful seated area is one of life’s uncomplicated pleasures. We specialize in making outdoor kitchen dreams come true.

The year ahead has a lot of unknowns so why not tether down something concrete for your joy. Give our team a call today at (480) 777-9305 and we’d be happy to discuss your vision.

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