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Backyard design with pool and circular spa.

“Me Time” Backyard Features

Taking time to give yourself some tender love and care is incredibly important, particularly these days. At Creative Environments, we know that it can be both healthy and productive to claim space and time to help replenish your energy and lower stress levels.

Lately we’ve been seeing many of our clients creating dedicated spaces to feed mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of themselves. Several of our favorite ‘me time’ backyard features include:

She-Shed/Man Cave
A she-shed is a recent phenomenon that’s emerged in response to the man cave movement. Either way, the title refers to an environment crafted to support whatever best serves the owners’ interests. Whether a small library and a writing desk, a place for arts and crafts, a gaming room, a place to house sports memorabilia; the possibilities are endless and are meant to reflect the users’ desires.

Getting a Garden Going
Another great stress reducer is to spend time in nature. If you don’t have the ability to get out and hit the trails, a small backyard garden can also deliver many benefits. In Arizona, our mild winters make it an excellent time to prepare a few small container gardens for spring. Digging in the dirt and taking routine care of your own plants can help calm the mind and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Hot Tub
Taking some time to yourself to relax and reset in a hot tub is a welcome addition to any regular week. The warmth, the peace, the quiet… taking a moment to soak in a spa can even help you sleep more deeply to boost immune function and restore your energy.

Creating an Outdoor Lounge
Another one of our favorite ‘me time’ backyard features is that of an outdoor lounge. Creating a space complete with amenities including a bar, a kitchen, or small al fresco dining area gives you reason to stay outdoors in the open air longer. Plus, these private ‘me time’ types of spaces translate well when you are ready for your guest list to grow.

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